Celebrating the gift of motherhood

Yippeeee!!! I finally got round to it! My very first Maison Loulabelle blog post!!!! For years, I've struggled with what my blog posts should focus on. I've always had a wide range of ideas and simply couldn't bring myself to focus on one area. Finally, I decided to just go with the idea of simply rolling with it and seeing where the waves take us.

So, I'm currently in the US (story for another day) and it's Mother's Day fever over here. Coming from Nigeria where we've have 2 Mother's Day celebrations already, you can understand my "aha! Another one" sentiment. But is it really possible to celebrate mothers too much? I think not!!! 

That in mind, I've thought about so many precious little memories created with mini me - Princess Lu. And honestly nothing really compares to the joys of the precious moments created with your kids. I think about my mum and how even now in my late 30s I'm ever so dependent on her for support and strength. I think about how without prompting, the bulk of her time is spent on my siblings and I and our children. It truly never ends. Lately, I've pondered how intertwined the joys of motherhood and the pains of it are and I've come to the conclusion that with motherhood, every sentiment - joy or pain, exists to reinforce each other and make everyday even more precious. 

So to all the wonderful superheroes out there - out mums, we will never tire of celebrating you EVERYDAY! 


This mother's day, make your special moments even more memorable with our Maison Loulabelle mummy and me matching outfits.

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